Whatever we publish, we publish for the love of tea

The majority of posts here at Mad Tea Club focus on information and tips about specific varieties and flavors of tea. Some of these articles and guides may recommend tea brands, tea stores, or other tea-related services. We’d like to let you know that when Mad Tea Club recommends a tea-related product or service, it is always an honest recommendation based on our understanding and autonomous opinion.

That being said, some of our tea guides and informational pieces might contain affiliate links, for readers to visit our affiliate stores and purchase the products we recommend. Should our readers choose to do so, Mad Tea Club will receive a commission from the affiliated retailer. Further, if a reader feels that a recommended product does not match our description, and chooses to return it to the affiliated retailer on those grounds, we won’t get a commission on that product.

In short, Mad Tea Club tries hard to ensure that it publishes only genuine and informed views about teas from around the world. We want our readers to feel reassured that we’ll only recommend brands, products, and services that we feel will make for a good tea drinking experience. For the same reason, if we happen to find out that a product or service we recommended doesn’t quite make the cut, we’ll withdraw the recommendation and let you know why.

Thanks for reading, and have fun exploring the world of tea.

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