Top 10 Indulgent Almond Teas For A Perfect Dessert Complement

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Almond tea: flavor highlights

A sophisticated beverage crafted for the refined palate, almond tea comes in countless forms and flavors. These range from herbal blends of almonds, apples, cherries and cinnamon, to light Taiwanese oolongs or rooibos with a savory almond edge, to strong black teas sweetened with almond extract. Almond adds a subtle, savory sweetness to the tea base it is added to, without interfering with the latter’s natural flavor. As such, it works with all tea bases (black, green, oolong or rooibos). Almond teas are generally prepared using almond pieces, almond oil and extracts.

A little history

While the exact origins of almond tea are unknown, records suggest that it was a popular beverage among royal families in China.

Tasting notes and reviews

Owing to its subtle, “delicate” flavor, almond tea is a popular “all-round” beverage. Almond rooibos blends, generally laced with vanilla, make a red liquor with a “delightful earthy scent” and a natural sweetness that makes them “really easy to drink”, especially “iced, and with a little honey”. Similarly, almond flavored oolongs are considered “desserty and pleasant”, thus serving as good “after-dinner teas”. Almond oolongs also “blend well with milk/cream”. Even black teas, when edged with almond extract, become “lightly sweet and full bodied at the same time”, ending with a “sweet finish”.

Tea tips

Opt for almond tea if you prefer light, subtle flavors. This is a naturally sweet tea, so you may or may not need to add sweeteners, depending on the specific blend you’ve purchased. If you do need to sweeten the tea, add sugar or stevia. Milk or cream pairs well with hot almond flavored tea. Some almond teas, especially those with a rooibos base, make refreshing iced brews. Almond oolongs can also be used to make iced tea, with some honey added in.

Can almond milk be used for tea?

Though almond tea generally refers to blends containing tea leaves and almond pieces or extracts, you can also brew yourself a cuppa using almond milk. In fact, almond milk pairs quite well with spiced black teas. Its natural sweetness and nutty undertones perfectly complement the warming spices in chai tea, for instance. Making your tea with almond milk doesn’t involve any additional steps. Just bear in mind that almond milk is thinner than soy or cow milk, and it won’t give your tea the same color. On the plus side, it’s low on fat and will reinforce your tea with antioxidants and vitamins.

Handpicked Alishan High Mountain Taiwan Dayuling Oolong

Handpicked Alishan High Mountain Taiwan Dayuling Oolong

VitaLife Handpicked High Mountain Li (Ali) Shan Oolong Loose Tea Leaves, Da Yu Ling Oolong Tea, 5.3 ounces (150g) Organically Grown and Fresh, Good for Weight loss and detox or just for daily enjoyment! 100% PURE Oolong Tea from Ali Shan region in Taiwan. No additives, flavors, or essences. All natural and pure.
High Mountain Oolong Tea, Ali Shan Taiwan

High Mountain Oolong Tea, Ali Shan Taiwan

Zone - 365 oolong tea (wu-long tea) is a premium-grade oolong tea from the Da Yu Ling mountain area of Taiwan's Taichung county. Its high altitude (more than 2600 meters) makes this one of the highest tea plantations in the world. The high elevation of this area causes the tea leaves to grow slowly and develop their smooth, rich flavor. To fully appreciate this fine..
Formosa Ali Shan

Formosa Ali Shan

Ali Shan is a beautiful green oolong tea grown in the mountains of Taiwan, where high altitude slows plant growth, concentrating in its leaves great complexity and flavor. Its aroma is buttery and intoxicating floral, reminiscent of lilacs, the mark of an excellent green oolong. The golden-green liquor yields a layered, almost creamy cup, with notes of sweet hone..
Ali Shan

Ali Shan

Ali Shan is an alpine green oolong tea from Taiwan. While relatively new, Ali Shan is one of Taiwan's most famous tea growing areas, producing beautiful high mountain oolong teas from its misty peaks. Warm sugar and deeply layered floral aromas, with a melting, creamy mouthfeel. Mellow and light bodied, this hand-crafted Ali Shan oolong is excellent for multiple ..

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