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Bulk, Wholesale & Private Label Tea [2021] Reviews

Whether you want tea for your customers or just drink a lot of tea yourself, buying bulk tea is the best way to get a high-quality product without the high price tag. However, finding the right tea online can be tricky, mainly due to the wide variety of options available.

You also have to decide if you simply want wholesale tea or you’d like a company that has private label tea services. Many quality tea manufacturers offer bulk tea, private label, and smaller order options. While if you’re buying in bulk for private use, you obviously don’t need private label tea, if you plan to serve tea at your business and would like to offer it for sale as well, opting for a private label service might make sense. After all, if your patrons enjoy it, why not use it to market your brand?

That said,

Where’s the best place to buy private label or bulk tea?

We have a favorite brand—or five.

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Art of Tea

Art of Tea Logo

If you’re a serious tea drinker, you know about the benefits of loose leaf over bags, and one of the first places you need to check out is the Art of Tea. Art of Tea is a shop that provides a luxury tea experience focusing on high-quality products.

Instead of focusing on a particular type of tea, or region, Art of Tea focuses on providing the highest-quality tea possible. Whether you’re looking for single-origin Chinese tea, rooibos, or even decaf teas, this should be your first stop. All their teas are fair trade certified, kosher, and certified organic.

In addition to bulk loose leaf tea, Art of Tea also has gift sets wrapped in beautiful packaging, tasters and samples, and a whole host of paraphernalia to meet any business or tea lover’s every need.

One thing that we appreciate about the Art of Tea is that shipping is free if you place a minimum order of $60 or more. It’s a great way to save even more when you buy bulk tea!

The main drawback of shopping with Art of Tea is that they’re on the expensive side. While they offer a top-quality product, you may find the price tag to be a bit hard to swallow even at bulk prices. However, if you’re willing to pay extra for a hand-picked selection, you can’t go wrong with the Art of Tea.

Vahdam Teas

Vahdam Logo

Vahdam Teas focuses mainly on single estate tea from India and Nepal. When you place an order, your tea is packaged on-site and shipped to a fulfillment center in the US. This approach allows Vahdam Teas to provide competitive pricing while supporting local Indian and Nepalese businesses.

If you’re worried about the time it’ll take for your order to arrive, we’ve found that you’ll get your order within several weeks of placing it. Considering that most tea takes several months to reach suppliers, you can’t get much fresher than that.

Adagio Teas

Adagio Teas logo

Adagio has a wide selection of bulk tea, including black tea, flavored tea, chai, oolong, white, herbal, matcha, and green teas. If you prefer your tea custom made to your specifications, much like Art of Tea, you can select the custom order option to design your own private label blend.

With stylish label packaging, tea bags, and loose-leaf options, Adagio has everything a tea connoisseur could want. We found their review system very useful when choosing between various options, especially when looking at products we’ve never seen or tasted before.

If you’re unsure of which bulk tea you’d like to try next, check out Adagio’s samplers. The business has over 35 assortments that will challenge your preconceptions and expand your horizons.

Even better, you can choose from a variety of shipping options, including flat shipping rates or free shipping if you place a minimum order of $49. The time it takes for your product to reach you will depend on your location and the nearest warehouse.

Starwest Botanicals

Starwest Botanicals is a shop that offers more than just tea. If you’re looking for spices, herbs, or any other natural products, this is a great place to shop. They sell both wholesale and retail products, focusing on bulk products to reduce costs. If you’re a compulsive tea drinker, you’ll appreciate the savings on any number of different tea types.

If you’re still not sold on loose tea, Starwest also offers USDA-certified organic tea bags of a wide assortment. It’s an excellent way to dip your toe into the world of specialty tea without spending a fortune on accessories.

When buying tea in bulk, we strongly recommend applying for the wholesale account, which comes with several appealing advantages, including:

  •             Competitive pricing with incentives and promotions
  •             No membership fees or minimum orders
  •             Large product catalog of varieties
  •             Same-day shipping

Mighty Leaf

Mighty Leaf Logo

Mighty Leaf has an excellent collection of varieties, ranging from traditional red, green, white, and oolong teas, as well as a wide variety of herbal non-caffeinated options. However, they are one of the few options on our list that doesn’t have a private label program.

What sets this brand apart from other sellers is its commitment to the environment. If you’re looking for biodegradable, unbleached cotton, hand-stitched bags for your tea, this is the place for you. Once you’ve decided on your favorite product, you can order it loose-leaf or in bags to enjoy the convenience of pouches.

Save by Buying Bulk Tea

Thanks to the internet, you have a galaxy of appealing wholesale tea, private label programs, and varieties to explore. No matter what type of tea you need, buying in bulk is sure to reduce the price tag—both for the price of the product and the shipping costs.

If you want to support local farmers and passionate tea growers, your first stop should be an online tea seller. These tea companies work directly with various farms in a diverse range of regions, allowing them to bring a wide variety of products to discerning customers and provide exceptional private label teas.

If you don’t know where to start on your own tea brand or are simply looking for something new and exciting, there’s a whole world of high-quality, online tea sellers waiting just for you and your business.

More tea, please!

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