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6 Chocolate Teas To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

How To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Without Sugar

A cup of tea that simultaneously satisfies your chocolate cravings may sound too good to be true. Yet, chocolate tea exists, has countless delicious variants, loose leaf, and tea bags, and is widely sampled by tea lovers worldwide. From spicy cocoa edged pu-erh teas, to earthy blends of black tea, cacao beans, and rose petals, to rich mocha blends with chocolate chips and hazelnuts, to crisp China teas laced with peppermint chocolate, to light caffeine-free rooibos blends with cocoa shells and vanilla beans – the possibilities are endless. The only constant is a cup (or tall glass) full of lush, chocolaty goodness, without the calories that usually keep you off it!

Hot chocolate alternative

The commercial process of making chocolate out of cacao beans results in a by-product: cacao shells or cacao mulch. Herbal cacao teas (other than those that use chocolate chips or roasted beans) utilize these shells. The shells retain the aroma and flavor of chocolate, along with a host of antioxidants and minerals. When consumed as cacao ‘tea,’ they let you enjoy your favorite chocolate fix without worrying about unwanted calories.

Tasting notes and reviews

Loose leaf chocolate teas vary in aroma, taste, and texture, depending on their tea base, the form of chocolate used, and additional spices and ingredients in the blend. For instance, chocolate and orange spice can make an earthy pu-erh “taste like dessert.” Similarly, peppermint and chocolate can make a strong black tea “mellow and enjoyable,” with “not a trace of bitterness to be found.” Green teas and matcha teas can also be “made even smoother” by adding some chocolate flavoring. When paired with cacao husks and a little vanilla, caffeine-free rooibos becomes “balanced” and “perfect for a tea latte.”

Tea tips

The steeping process for your chocolate tea depends on its tea base. High caffeine black teas with chocolate flavors can be steeped for as little as 2 minutes, at about 170 degrees. Lighter rooibos based variants can be infused in the water at 200 degrees and for over 5 minutes. The world of chocolate teas is vast, and the best way to explore it is to try out flavor pairings that you prefer in your desserts. All-time favorites like hazelnut, rose, cherry and mint work great with cacao tea blends, and a splash of milk adds that perfect hot chocolate feel to your flavorful cup of tea. Needless to say, most chocolate teas can be consumed iced as well.

Can you put chocolate in tea?

Most chocolate teas on the market carry a blend of cacao mulch and tea leaves or herbs. But you can also create your own chocolate tea by simply adding chocolate to your tea. Both milk chocolate and dark chocolate can be used to soften or heighten the flavor profile of your favorite tea. For instance, milk chocolate can counter chai tea’s spiciness, and dark chocolate can complement Earl Grey’s bergamot notes. When adding chocolate to your tea, use cacao nibs or ground cocoa instead of chocolate chips to avoid dealing with a molten chocolaty mess in your cup.

6 best Chocolate teas to buy online

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Cocomint Green

Green tea, cocoa nibs inclusion loose, natural chocolate mint flavor and peppermint leaves. Like wine and cheese, burgers and fries; chocolate and mint is a famous partnership in the world of food. We bring that popular flavor combination here, blended with green tea leaves to create a delicious, lip-smacking treat. Fresh and cool, with a smooth, sweet minty flavor and whisps of chocolate. Just like a stick of zesty peppermint bark chocolate. Bon appetit!

Aztec Spice

Spice up your palate with this rich, exotic blend of cinnamon drenched chocolate, elevated gently by the warming kick of spicy chili flakes and grounded by the rich, earthy character of our favorite pu-erh tea. Sip this chocolate pu-erh tea anytime you need a dessert pick-me-up.

Coconut Cacao Pu-Erh

A stunning blend of organic loose leaf Pu-erh with cocoa nibs and coconut. This coconut cacao tea provides a smooth, round, robust, yet sweet flavor with a mild hazelnut finish. Steep this cacao tea multiple times to experience a different flavor profile with each brew.

Bolder Breakfast

Bold flavor, rich color, & full body with hints of chocolate are what you’ll get from our award-winning, top-selling breakfast tea. We blend our favorite strong black and pu’erh teas with chocolate essence to create the a smooth, robust flavor. A perfect choice to help kick your coffee habit!

Black Tea, Chocolate Mint

China black teas are carefully blended with natural and artificial chocolate flavors and peppermint leaves.

Easy Like Sunday Morning Herbal Tea (Chocolate / Lavender)

When we launched our line of hot chocolate blends, we found our favorite flavor was chocolate and lavender.  The rich decadence of the chocolate was enhanced by a tiny flourish of floral calm.  So that’s when we realized it would make the perfect herbal tea!

Everything feels easier after a calm cup of this blend.  Honeybush tea and cacao nibs are paired with fresh Oregon lavender to make a dreamy cup of perfection.

More tea, please!