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8 Authentic Japanese Teas For Green Tea Lovers

How does Japanese Green Tea differ from any other?

Japan is famous for its unique styles of green tea. Most types of Japanese teas are briefly steamed as opposed to pan-fired Chinese tea styles. The result is a vegetal, umami cup of tea, full of aroma and amino acids. The best Japanese green teas have a distinctive bright emerald color and rich, brothy flavor with subtle notes of seaweed and ocean iodine.

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Green tea is omnipresent in Japan. Once served only to Buddhist monks, aristocrats, and warriors, it became widespread. Now, it is a part of the nation’s culture with its own traditions and rituals. Japanese Tea Ceremony is an ancient form of art and a spiritual way to commune with nature and with friends. 

Why is it so expensive?

Japanese green tea is not exactly cheap, and there are some valid reasons for this. Japan is a small, densely populated country, hence the skyrocketing price of the agricultural land. Add to this labor cost of highly skilled tea workers and limited availability of Japanese tea. Japanese produce only about 10% of the world’s green tea and leave most of it for themselves. Japanese tea constitutes less than 2% of all exported green tea in the world.

Types Of Japanese Green Tea

Most of the tea consumed in Japan is green, and it is simply referred to as ocha (tea). That being said, Japanese green tea has assorted types and flavors that vary significantly depending on numerous factors. Here are some of them:

  • growing regions
  • methods of production
  • time of harvesting
  • parts of the tea plant used for the tea production

Which Japanese green tea is the best?

The world of Japanese green tea is diverse, and we encourage you to get lost in it! But if you’re intimidated by the immense variety in flavor, texture, and aroma (and, of course, the price of the tea), here’s a quick summary.

  • If you like a sweet and mellow cuppa, go for a Japanese green tea grown in the shade. Popular choices are Gyokuro and Matcha, both featuring high levels of theanine. Gyokuro, in particular, is an exquisite umami-flavored tea and is priced accordingly.
  • If you prefer crisper notes, go for a refreshing cup of Sencha. This tea is grown in full sunlight and is rich in antioxidants.
  • The Japanese have also developed creative green teas, and tea blends using lower grade leaves or by mixing twigs, stems, or toasted grains with the tea leaves. Kukicha, Hojicha, and Genmaicha are popular examples. They all have earthy flavor profiles with wonderful toasty and nutty notes.

Where to buy the best Japanese green tea online? Silhouette of Alice

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One of the best brands that offer quality and authentic Japanese teas online is Art of Tea. You will not find a vast assortment of teas here; instead, there is a selective collection of premium products. This brand is not exactly cheap, but this is for a reason: only the best, highest quality Japanese teas here!

Here are two distinctive products that we love the most.

One is Matchasticks & Matcha Shaker Bundle. It offers you an easy way to make Matcha on-the-go. Great for travel or preparing tea in the office. It would make for an amazing gift to any tea lover.

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Another absolute favorite is Kyoto Tea. The wedded bliss of Genmaicha and Matcha is delicious in this tea. We are obsessed with the unique nutty flavor of roasted brown rice and its savory taste. The brew smells amazing!

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Here are more Japanese tea options for you. All are offered by the most reputable tea brands online and consistently scoring positive customer reviews.

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More tea, please!

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