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Japanese Kukicha Tea For A Mild Vegetal Brew

What is Kukicha tea?

Kukicha (“Twig tea”) is a blend of tea leaves (Sencha or Bancha) and stems of the tea plant. It is available in green and slightly oxidized varieties. Kukicha is a very organic and wholesome type of tea. It used to be a “poor man’s brew.” The farmers put to use what was left after the premium green tea stock was sold. Nowadays, loose-leaf Kukicha is prized for its smooth nutty taste and abundance of nutrients. In holistic medicine, twig tea is famous for its macrobiotic quality.

What are the benefits of kukicha tea? Silhouette of a smiling Cheshire Cat

Kukicha tea promises plenty of good things for your body. Its most important benefit is that it alkalizes the system. By reducing acidity levels in the body, it helps ward off a bunch of common ailments. Its alkalizing nature, along with its tannin content, also contributes to a healthier digestive system. Kukicha tea will help your body digestion and therefore derive more nutrition from your food. This tea is also a good source of calcium and essential vitamins. Over time, it can repair and rejuvenate your skin, lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, fight bacterial infections, and detox your system with its antioxidants.

Tasting notes

This green tea is sweet, vegetal, slightly nutty, and naturally very low in caffeine. Stems and stalks do not contain caffeine; it is all left to the youngest leaves of the tea plant.

Tea tips

Best loose leaf Kukicha should have a decent amount of tea leaves in the mixture. When choosing the tea, take a closer look. The green tea blend would appear like a two-tone melange with pale green stems and deep green speckles of tea leaves. There is also a roasted Kukicha variety on the market. This one is darker brownish in color and toasty on the palate.

Kukicha is lighter on a pocket than other Japanese tea varieties such as Matcha, Sencha or Gyokuro, which is hardly a sign of inferiority.

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A warm, rounded and playful green tea from Japan. Kukicha is a blend of tea leaves and tea leaf stems. The lightness of the stems translates into the cup as a sweet, white sesame seed or chestnut note. Tender quality to the texture, like soft white rice. Very balanced and, for a Japanese tea, very low in astringency.
Ocha & Co. Premium Organic Japanese Kukicha Stems & Stalks Green Tea
Ocha & Co. Premium Organic Japanese Kukicha Stems & Stalks Green Tea
Kukicha is made mainly from selected stems and stalks of the green tea plant which are steamed and then roasted. It has a unique taste among green teas with a slight nutty flavour. Prepared the same way as Sencha but harvested later on in the season when the caffeine content is lower.
Kukicha Twig Tea Organic
Kukicha Twig Tea Organic
Kukicha is harvested from carefully-aged twigs and stems of the tea plant. After the correct aging, the twigs are toasted, providing a full-bodied, soothing, slightly sweet tea with a richly woody flavor. Mild and soothing, Kukicha twig tea is quite low in caffeine and can be enjoyed at any hour.

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