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How to compare prices of different kinds of tea?

Comparing tea prices across different brands is not an easy task. First of all, tea comes in various forms and sizes: loose leaf, tea bags, and sachets, tea samplers, bulk sale. On top of that, some producers use the metric system (grams), while others prefer the traditional one (ounces). In Mad Tea Club, we convert these confusing measurements to easy-to-read price ratings that reflect the estimated price per cup.

In most cases, we use the manufacturer’s count of teacups per package.

Yet sometimes, brands do not include this information in the description.

How many servings are in 1 ounce or 100 grams of tea?

Our price estimate for any product is based on the price per 8oz cup of tea.

1 ounce of loose leaf tea normally yields about 13 cups. That equals 45 cups per 100 gram of tea.

Do you prefer the tea bags? That’s easy. One tea bag or sachet equals one cup of tea.

What is the average price of a cup of tea?

Our price ratings are as follows:

$ (bargain) – up to 25c per cup

$$ (average) – 25c to 50c

$$$ (above average) – 50c to 1$

$$$$ (expensive) – over 1$

What is the most expensive tea in the world? 

Premium teas can have price tags ranging from eyebrow-raising to downright intimidating. Take Da-Hong Pao tea, for example. At a whoppingSilhouette of a smiling Cheshire Cat $600,000 per pound, this Chinese black tea is the most expensive tea in the world. Some aged Pu-erh teas are priced at tens of thousand dollars per pound. However, these prices don’t mean that you have to shell out thousands of dollars for good tea. In fact, the effective price of an artisan-crafted loose leaf tea lies anywhere between 25 and 40 cents a cup. Typically, expensive teas will be good for multiple infusions and will often work out to be cheaper per cup than their lower-priced counterparts. A cup of premium Silver Needle white tea, for example, will cost you the same as a standard tea bag, because the former will last through 2-3 re-steepings.

Tea tips

The price ratings are estimates only. In reality, the price of your cup of tea might come up higher or lower depending on various factors. Here are some additional points to consider when estimating your costs.

  • Tea in the bag. In general, loose leaf tea is a better value than tea bags and sachets. Consider using fillable tea bags for your fave loose leaves on the go.
  • The gift of tea. Tea makes a great gift, however, be prepared to shed some extra dollars on that tea in a fancy tin.
  • Give it a try. Although sample-sized teas are usually priced up, it is a great way to try different tea varieties of a new brand. Some online tea stores offer prepacked sets of a few different teas. They price the samplers very reasonably, promoting their products to potential customers.
  • Size matters. Brands usually offer packaging of different sizes available for sale. The more you buy, the more you save. However, the bulk purchase does not make much sense, unless you supply for your business or… your pet elephant? Tea is better consumed fresh, preferably within a few months.
  • Make the best use of it. All green, oolong, and some black teas are good for 3-5 infusions, reducing the price of your cup of tea even more. Note that tea changes its flavor from one infusion to another and the first one does not necessarily come as the best of all.

After all, the conclusion is obvious: even the most expensive loose leaf tea is quite affordable per serving compared to wine, coffee, soda, and, occasionally, even bottled water.

More tea, please!

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