Jasmine Dragon Pearls Green Tea

fresh taste of green tea, with jasmine fragrance. This is a special kind of green tea, with a method of crafting unlike most others. After shaping the tea leaves into the pearls, fresh jasmine flower buds are piled atop them to allow them to absorb the characteristic jasmine fragrance. As a result the tea not only has the taste of a delicious green, but it carries the irresistible aroma of the flowers as well and as a result is favored by many tea lovers.TeaVivre’s Jasmine Dragon Pearls is made from high mountain Jinggu Dabai Cha leaves, first rolled into the pearl shape and then piled with the jasmine flowers. The scenting is repeated three times over, and then once more with jasmine referred to as no. 1 flower, with a stronger, richer scent; the entire process is referred to as . Jasmine flower tea is generally abundant in Fuzhou, but Dabai Cha jasmine pearls stand out for its stronger tea taste and lasting flavor across infusions. On top of this, the high-mountain environment is ecologically beneficial, so this tea easily passes the strict EU testing requirements.Upon first opening the package, the influence of the jasmine is readily apparent, lending its characteristic aroma to the pearls. This can also be tasted in the tea itself, smooth and sweet right from the start with a deeper aftertaste that lingers on the tongue and breath. Just as the leaves themselves grow and expand with further infusions, the taste also changes and deepens, eventually taking on a lighter overtone that magnifies the sweetness imparted by the jasmine.



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