Jingmai Single Bush Ancient Tree Raw Pu-erh Cake Tea 2018

Rich and complex with long-lasting orchid fragrance. Why is it called as single bush ancient tree. The single bush in this tea’s name refers to how the leaves are picked from the oldest or several oldest tea trees in an area, with each leaf picked and produced separately. The age of the tea tree is an important factor in whether the resultant tea can be considered ?single bush?. These older trees are much richer in material, resulting in single-bush tea having a mellower, more aromatic essence than ordinary ancient-tree tea.The aroma of this tea gradually fills the area upon being brewed. Its unique thickness can be felt at once when drunk, adding to a smooth mouthfeel and taste. The sweetness spreads throughout the entire mouth and even lingers afterwards; due to Jingmai’s trees growing in a wild environment, the flavor has an obvious high-mountain, wild note to it, and an enduring orchid fragrance that lingers in the cup.Single-bush tea tends to have a short aging period, so upon the first few infusions this tea will have some astringency, though this quickly turns into the lasting sweetness afterwards. Throughout later aging its aroma will come out more strongly, with the tea becoming better with age.


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