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Which Is Healthier Tea Bags Or Loose Tea?

Which Is Healthier Tea Bags Or Loose Tea?

Our busy lifestyle and health problems have reinstated the value of tea. Tea contains antioxidants that can prevent cancers and eliminate the risks of heart attacks. There are many varieties of teas that you can consume to satisfy your taste buds. Tea Bags and loose tea are two of the most widely consumed types of tea in the market. 

But have you ever thought about which tea variation is better for you? Loose-leaf teas are indeed much better than teabags. But tea connoisseurs will not be satisfied with this generalized statement. So, let’s try to explore the benefits of loose tea over bags.

Various Grades Of Tea

Before comparing loose tea and tea bags, you should be familiar with the different grades available in the market. Teas vary according to their size and quality. Read some reviews by searching for a guide to best teas online.

Whole Leaf Tea

Whole leaf tea means the leaves haven’t been broken into pieces during the production process. It takes longer to boil these teas, but they give out the best aroma.

Broken Leaf Tea

Broken tea leaves are broken, but the pieces are kept intact as the whole leaf. Broken leaves are consumed by people residing in the hilly area and are known for their antioxidizing property

Fanning Tea

Fanning tea is finely dusted broken pieces known through their coarse texture.

Dust Tea

Dust tea is one of the commonly available varieties of tea passed through the grading machine. It is the lowest grade of tea obtained by breaking larger tea leaves

What Do You Know By Tea Bags

Teabags are sealed or pouched bags that contain dried tea material. Most of the flavor in tea bags goes out after just one stepping. Teabag leaves are processed in a machine through the crush-tear-curl (CTC process). You will find a different guide to the best teas online and the whole process of making tea bags.

Which Is Better Tea Bags Or Tea Leaves

While tea bags are extremely affordable, you will realize that loose tea is preferred earlier if you read review guides for the best teas online. Moreover, there are major differences between the quality of tea leaves and processed tea bags.
But now, major manufacturers are using higher-grade tea for tea bags. These tea bags allow more variations resulting in a better brew.
Choosing a whole leafy tea can be an overwhelming proposition. But you can read guides for best teas online, which will help you to select your favorite. Now, once you have zeroed on your choice, think about brewing your tea. You can infuse your tea with different flavourful infusions. Don’t be afraid, though, because tea bags aren’t that bad. Find a great selection of both tea bags and loose tea online through


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